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With the major pharmaceutical company’s affiliation, MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the most popular brands for PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY FURNITURE facility setup solutions. We provide a complete turnkey solution that includes cleanroom, lab furniture, lighting, HVAC setup, fume hoods, etc.

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Pharmaceutical laboratories yearly provide essential testing and research on hundreds of life-saving medications, advancing the capabilities of modern medicine and medical treatment for the benefit of billions of people worldwide. Designing around furniture and equipment with efficiency in mind is a crucial component of successfully managing a pharmaceutical chemistry lab.

A renowned supplier and exporter in India to the largest and most well-known brands is MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. who acts as a single point of contact for Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture / Pharmaceutical Laboratory Furniture / Pharma Lab Furniture / Modular Lab Furniture / Laboratory Furniture setup division which is demanded for its quality and reliability and appreciated by clients for high tensile strength, optimum performance and corrosion resistant. Our specialists have accumulated a great deal of expertise in this field under the capable leadership of our founder. His diligent work has enabled us to gain a solid footing in both the domestic and global markets for laboratory furniture.


The solution offered is a fully vertical standard and customize pharma lab manufacturing unit designed exclusively with a wide range of products made in a variety of components, specifications, and various sizes to fulfill the requirements of various potential clients with state of the art offerings in international standards and further it covers a complete turnkey solution from manufacturing to installation will be with you every step of the way of the entire laboratory setup, cleanroom setup, laboratory furniture setup, pharma lighting installation, ceiling, flooring, etc. These lab furniture products are suitable for various applications and one can avail these products from us at market leading prices and as promised we deliver within stipulated time period in most efficient and economical way thus serving the needs of scientific and laboratory community.

Pharma Laboratory Furniture

MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. is proud to present an array of Pharmaceutical Laboratory Products and Furnishings for various establishments and industries. We offer a wide selection of laboratory furniture to clients in India and throughout the world. Our Pharma Laboratory Furniture is expertly developed utilizing automated techniques and is manufactured with accuracy and raw materials purchased from reliable suppliers in the market.


From chemical to cleanroom laboratories, we provide a variety of workbenches. You have the option of regular or bespoke construction.


Fume Hoods

There are many sizes of fume hoods for different activities. You may find both traditional and filtered fume hoods here.



For any lab seating requirements, chemical-resistant chairs with a range of upholstery are available.


Office Furniture

Every lab requires office furniture for workstations and computers. For these responsibilities, standard office furniture is typically utilized.



Cabinets for secure and practical storage.


Science classroom furniture

A range of items for the study of science.


Safety Cabinets

Safety cabinets for various purposes


Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow & Biosafety Cabinets



FREE Planning & Design for Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture
Let Us Help You to Find a Solution That Meets Your Needs

On-Site Consultation for Pharmaceutical Laboratory Furniture

We don't merely provide generic answers to your difficult challenges because no two pharmaceutical laboratories are the same. The MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. design team is available to do an on-site consultation at your facilities. We'll talk about your particular requirements, the size of your space, and all of your alternatives for setting up a productive and useful work environment.

To help you recall every aspect of our suggestions, we'll produce custom 3D drawings of the design during the meeting. We even can provide a high-quality solution for even the most complex design issues since we have experience working with facilities of all sizes and scopes around the country.


Facilitating Core Requirements
for the Pharmaceutical Sector with Accuracy

Key Considerations for Pharmaceutical Lab design

  • Agile design that accommodates present and foreseeable lab requirements and technologies
  • Define the various space types, such as wet or dry labs, combinations of the two, and non-lab spaces
  • Provide enough circulation space to maximize accessibility and safety
  • Selected materials to maximize performance and compliance with strict rules and standards
  • Minimize regions needing controlled settings and safeguard the health and safety of scientists, employees, visitors, and researchers
  • A design that fosters contact and cooperation between researchers and scientists
  • Environmental elements that improve learning, such as natural light, sound, and colour

Flexible Lab Furniture for Expanding Pharmacy Laboratories

The area of pharmacology is expanding quickly on a global scale. More than ever, there is a demand for chemical engineers, biologists, and chemists with expertise in the creation of pharmaceuticals. MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. is the only lab equipment and installation business you need whether you're growing your drug research team or collaborating with a university. We provide tables and storage units suitable for stationary or portable pharmaceutical labs. Our adaptable and modular laboratory systems are made with lightweight materials and lockable caster wheels specifically for your comfort. You may always reorganize your pharma lab furniture to fit your workflow!


Laboratory Solutions for:

  • For Commercial Laboratories: From traditional lab furniture to furniture for clean rooms or specialty research, we provide a broad choice of lab furniture that is matched to what your business specializes in. We carefully arrange all laboratory areas when setting up new labs in conjunction with the equipment vendors.
  • For universities & Colleges: There are two different kinds of labs: teaching labs, which are intended for students and their lab activities, and scientific labs, which are intended for use by scientists. We often give center tables for children to gather around while equipping the teaching laboratories. There are also equipment tables and fume hoods fitted. According to the requirements of the scientists and the kinds of research that will be done there, scientific labs are created to order.
  • For Research Centers: We provide traditional laboratory furniture such as wall and central tables, fume hoods, and other items. We provide specially made furniture for researchers in specialized facilities (such as radiation research) to fit their particular study.
  • For Hospitals: We provide work areas for conducting blood sugar, blood count, acid-base balance, drug, and similar tests for the healthcare industry.
  • For Schools: We offer private, comfortable student workstations with built-in communications, instructor demonstration desks, and student observation fume hoods for scientific investigations. Desks and shelving units for smaller pieces of equipment, as well as secure cabinets for reagents, are additional items of equipment.

From Idea to Implementation

It is more complicated than it would seem at first to provide a lab. There are several factors to take into account. The personnel needs to know that the laboratory was built to secure their safety and that the furniture, which has many engineering solutions, is there to support their work, which is maybe most crucial. To help you construct a fully functional laboratory, MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. offers a complete solution. The following is a description of the typical laboratory installation process. Depending on how tough a project is, it might take anywhere between 2 and 24 months.

Plan Research Task

The first stage is to develop a thorough strategy for any kinds of study that will be carried out in the lab. This will give a thorough understanding of the lab project, assist in identifying the essential workstations, and improve the lab's ergonomics.

Prepare Layout

Planning carefully and in great detail comes next. The layout of the laboratory furniture entails more than just deciding where the workstations will go. Additionally, it must incorporate any engineering systems connected to them. This process requires collaboration between the end user, the engineering designer, and the pharma lab furniture supplier.

Verify accordance with applicable law and regulation

Planning must adhere to all applicable national and international regulations, safety standards, and guidelines. Furniture for laboratories must be of the highest caliber, certified, and compliant with laws governing low energy usage. It is necessary to provide enough labour safety equipment, such as safety showers and fire alarms. For the suitable furnishings, engineering connections must be arranged in the proper areas. Surfaces and materials must be appropriate for a potentially dangerous laboratory setting.

Preparation of laboratory space

The laboratory may begin building or reconstruction after the provided designs meet the demands of the end-user. It is imperative that the engineering providers adhere exactly to the approved design. In order to prevent future issues, the final user and the furniture provider should monitor the quality of the construction.

Furniture Installation

Only after all construction tasks have been completed can the furniture be brought and installed. It may increase the danger of damage if other projects are still in progress. It is necessary to verify the furniture once it has been constructed and linked to the necessary engineering points. Every system needs to be compared to the approved project. There must be no leaks in the water and gas systems, and the air extraction in the fume hoods must be powerful enough for safe operation. Personnel should not begin utilizing the space until everything has been properly inspected and determined to be safe for work.

Ensuring and maintaining safe working conditions

Furniture systems still need routine maintenance even after everything has been installed and is functioning as it should. It is important to make sure that the fume hoods are still collecting the appropriate amount of air, that the safety cabinets are locking securely, that all of the safety showers are operational, among many other things. Only careful planning, top-notch engineering equipment, and constant lab maintenance can provide safe and comfortable work for your staff while also protecting the environment.




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The pharmaceutical laboratory furniture professionals of MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. can build your perfect custom pharmaceutical space. Whether you need to buy a single cabinet or have an entire room designed, we can help. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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