About Us

MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified proprietary firm based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Today, the company has engraved a strong position in India as well as overseas countries as a most trusted manufacturer and supplier of the modular clean room panel, ceiling panel, glass view panel, clean room doors, laboratory furniture, clean room equipment, laboratory fume hood and modular hospital OT. 

At MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd., all the products are manufactured as per GMP/ cGMP regulations, hence our every product ensures consistent, acceptable product quality and safety of the premise, process and people and therefore is perfect for any clean room, laboratory, hospital, food industry application requirements. Further, all our products are made from the world class quality GI skin pass material that bestows best in class quality, durability and performance throughout life, whereas its water, chemical and corrosion resilient properties help maintain contamination free environment.

We also offer a spectrum of services from ideation, customization to commissioning for partial projects. Our team of professionals specially mastered to evaluate in clean room and execution by using latest CGMP guidelines of local and international accreditation agencies. The result provides customized designed layouts to accommodate the specific demands of clients environmental requirements within budgets and time schedules.

Our experienced project management staff closely reviews equipment specifications and oversees all aspects of the design reliability of products, materials used and the effectiveness of the system installed. This level of attention guarantees the facilities meet and/or exceed our client expectations.

The unmatched quality and service have made our product reach to every nook of India as well as Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand and envisioning serve other countries with the same ethics and morality.