Modular Clean Room Wall Partition Panels

MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of clean room panels whose name is well established in India as well as overseas for its ready to install range of the modular clean room wall partition panels, helping industries to accomplish any clean room project in the shortest possible time. All our panels are equipped with a unique intermediate locking system that ensures perfect fitting of the panels and gives an absolutely sleek look to your clean room. The integrated locking system entitles easy & fast assembling of the panels, which in turn help accomplish any project in a shortest possible time. Further, as our panels are pre- engineered, it does not require any buffing or cutting causing mess/disruption at a site.

The wall skin of the offered modular clean room partition panels is manufactured from HPL, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Sheet, Galvanized Skin Pass Steel Sheet and CRCA material, wherein the middle layer is filledwith the top grade functional material, making the panels 100% fireproof and soundproof. Moreover, all the top & bottom tracks along with the vertical sides of the panels are made from the aluminum profiles to prevent rusting and bestow long-lasting durability. 

Clean Room Partition Manufacturer in India

These easy to fit modular clean room wall partition panels are highly accolade in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospitals for thoroughly preventing outside contamination and maintaining utmost hygiene standards that we already have supplied in many well-known cities of Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and foreign countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand.

Custom Solution is Our Standard

We are also specialized in providing customized solutions for any type of modular clean room, wall partition panel as per plant requirement at the best price in the market. Customers are welcomed from any nook and corner of India as well as outside of India. Our extensive range of the clean room panel includes:

Highlights of Our Sandwich Panels / Partitions
  • Top and Bottom profiles are of Aluminium to avoid rusting and have along term durability.
  • All our Sandwich Panels / Partitions are available in solid and with factory fitted View panel which are supplied for ready Installation on site.
  • Easy for any Operation as each Panel has a unique intermediate locking System which facilitates to remove the Single Panel or Add on to the Panel is very easily possible.
  • Better Flexibility, Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminium Profile.
  • All panels are insulated with polyurethane/ PIR / Rock Wool insulation and as per customers requirements.
Major Benefits of MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. Clean Room Panels
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble
  • Easy to move as light in weight
  • Rust free construction imparts long term durability
  • The Intermediate locking system enables easy fitting
  • All corners are curved with aluminum press
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Ensure operation Flexibility and Durability

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