Laminar Air Flow Unit

There is an assorted research work in laboratories that demands particle and bacteria free environment, we as a manufacturer and supplier understand it better and to help you achieve such a controlled environment, we have developed a premium quality range of vertical and horizontal laminar air flow unit. Both types of laminar air flow units are made as per GMP guidelines in order to obtain a totally immaculate range that ensures efficient air filtration with low power consumption and low noise production.  Further, the GI pass skin material is used in the construction to maintain corrosion free environment inside the clean room.

The offered laminar air flow unit is basically a closed cabinet structure equipped with the blower, pre filter (5 microns) and HEPA (0.3 micron) filtered air flow system, wherein the air drawn by the blower is filtered through both filters ahead of entering in the cabinet and thus only  dust/ bacteria free air passes into the cabinet. The pressure gauge is embedded with the system to monitor the differential pressure of the HEPA filter and light is equipped to provide a clear vision under the working area.

Laminar Air Flow Unit Manufacturers in India

The vertical and horizontal, both laminar air flow units are available in the standard sizes as well as bespoke sizes as per the end user requirement at the most competitive prices, which is immensely popular in microbiology, IUI laboratories, IVF laboratories, pathology laboratories as well as pharmaceuticals.

Our laminar air flow unit already excelling in Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and foreign countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand for its superior performance and lower prices.