Clean Room Glass View Panels/ Glazed Vision Panel

In order to provide one stop solution, MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd., a well established manufacturer and supplier is actively engrossed in manufacturing a broad range of the glazed view panels also famous as glass view panel, available in single glaze as well as a double glaze as per the end user requirement. Just like wall panels, the offered glass view panels are made as per the international quality regulations at our in house unit situated in Vadodara.

Single Glazed/Glass View Panel

We as a manufacturer of the glazed view panels are glad to introduce our well liked range of the single glazed view panel that is apposite for partition wall as well as any other masonry wall. The glazed part of the panel is made from a single piece of the glass, whereas the framework is made from the aluminum profile accompanied with aluminum angles to bestow notable durability, which can be fixed on either side of the wall.

Our clean room glass view panels are effective to provide adequate insulation with the glass view vision and are suitable for the door as well as a wall installation. Further, it's easy to wash and a uniform surface helps you maintain the utmost level of cleanliness and hygiene, essential in clean room. We also offer customized range of the single glazed view panel as per provided height, width and thickness requirement.

Clean Room Glass View Panels

Double Glazed/ Glass View Panel

To meet your high insulation requirement with a glazed view panels, MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd. a manufacturer and supplier of view panel has brought forth a truly versatile range of the double glazed view panels, which is suitable for partition wall and also other masonry walls.  The modern design of this clean room view panel enables easy fitting on any size of the wall without any efforts. This double glazed view panel is constructed from two vacuum separated pieces of glass to bestow the best possible insulating barrier, whereas the framework is made from the aluminum profile combined with the aluminum angles to obtain the robust structure, just like single glazed panels.

The strong insulating barrier of this double glazed view panel helps effectively maintain the temperature level inside the clean room and thus increase energy efficiency. Further, the water and chemical resistant property of these windows enable easy washing and cleaning, essential to maintain the controlled environment in the clean room. Our clean room view panels are available in extensive size options as well as custom job is also available upon request.

Our Both series of the glazed view panels/ glass view panels has engraved a strong position in several cities and countries for its superior performance, which incorporates Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and foreign countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand.