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In order to prevent airborne cross contamination in a clean room, the required material needs to be passed through a controlled environment only, and to meet this demanding requirement of the clean room, MK Clean Room Project Pvt. Ltd., a world class manufacturer and supplier has developed an advanced technology based range of the static pass box as well as dynamic pass box, made from the quality tested stainless steel material under the strict quality control that meets all the required quality regulations of the clean room. The stainless-steel material does not corrode throughout the lifetime, whereas its excellent resilient property against water and chemicals enables easy cleaning, essential to maintain the utmost hygiene level.

The best in class interlocking system and aluminum profile system ensures the perfect air tightness for clean room and enables to maintain the controlled environment inside the clean room. For the enormous benefits, our SS pass box is highly demanded in pharmaceutical, hospitals, laboratories and food industries. Customers can avail of this SS pass box in standard as well as personalized specification at the market price with the installation service.

Pass Box for Clean Room

Static Pass Box / Passive Pass Box

The offered static pass box is an ideal choice to transfer materials between two clean environments and prevent the airborne cross contamination in the clean room. It is an ideal type when ventilation is not required, basically for transferring non sensitive products between a clean room. The electromagnetic interlocking system of our pass box enables to open one door at a time and thus prevent the direct flow of air from the clean room to another room or vice versa. All the parts including Hour Meter, Fluorescent light, UV light, Electromagnet for door interlocking, Buzzer and Indicator lamps are of the highest quality and ensures unfailing performance all through, whereas the tempered glass equipped in the door provides clear vision inside the box.

Clean Room Static & Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic Pass Box

The offered dynamic pass box is extensively being used to transfer the material between classified and non classified areas and maintain the controlled environment at the same time. This dynamic pass box is equipped with the HEPA for the air filtration to clean air enters in the pass box and prevent the ingress of the contamination, whereas the motor blower is provided for blowing out dust particles from the surface of the material. The interlocking door system helps regulate the controlled environment throughout the process. The entire system is manufactured as per GMP guideline under strict quality control, hence is effective in maintaining the controlled environment of the clean room.

Our entire range of the pass box is popular in Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and foreign countries like Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand for its outstanding performance and competitive prices.

SS Pass Box Manufacturer